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The Aspiring Product Leader Coaching is for anyone who wants to get clear on what they want to accomplish and how to get there. 

💫 Do you want to climb the career ladder?

💫 Do you struggle to clearly articulate your strength?

💫 Do you want to identify the steps needed to accelerate your career?

💫 Do you want to make an action plan to achieve your goals?

With my Aspiring Product Leader Coaching you will obtain a clear vision of where you want to go, which actions to take, and how to get started. I will help you uncover your personal strengths and resources, as well as design a plan for being the leader you want to be.

Get clear on what you want to accomplish and how to get there.

Over the course of 6 weeks we will discover your strength, areas for improvement and defining a plan for you to achieve your objectives.

Our awesome features
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We start with an online assessment to evaluate your skills.

Our awesome features
Session 1 - Duration: 90 minutes

Part 1: Goal Definition Objective: Define a goal for our coaching sessions in order to gain a shared understanding of the journey ahead. Part 2: Skill Assessment. Objective: Understand your strengths and opportunities for development based on your self-evaluation to acquire a better idea of gaps to fill and strengths to hone.

Our awesome features
Session 2 - Duration 45 minutes

Ressource and Skill Timeline - we are going to review your former experiences in a structured format. Objective: Analyze your career's red thread to acquire a thorough understanding of what makes you successful. Homework assignment

Our awesome features
Session 3 - Duration 45 minutes

Deep Dive into former experiences Objective: Retrospective on prior events' learnings to obtain a deep insight of difficulties solved and alienate methods Homework assignment

Our awesome features
Session 4 - Duration 45 minutes

My Future Job Objective: We travel into the future to examine how a prospective future job would appear and what you would need to get there. Homework assignment

This coaching is not made for you, if...

... you are seeking ready-made solution. I am not a consultant. I am a certified integral coach. Coaching implies that I am your companion in discovering your power and transforming yourself. Coaching is demanding and can be intense, but it reveals solutions that are tailored to your context, personality, and goals.

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